Thursday, October 01, 2009

You Can't Take Back Executing an Innocent

Long past time in Ohio to end the death penalty and in the other states and the Federal government - why? Think about all the headlines over the past few years about the mess in Illinois over people on death row or in for life who were proved innocent. This has been repeated in a number of other states due to the effort, in part, of the Innocent Project. But they cannot be everywhere nor investigate all cases.

Here's the point: If you sentence someone to life and find later on a mistake was made, the solution is to release the person and look for the real offender. If you execute an innocent, there is no way out. Across the country, people who have been accused of nearly the same kind or type of murder get death penalty specifications in once jurisdiction and not in another. We are not just talking about one state versus another state - the variation exists within states, county to county. That means no equal justice for the accused or the relatives and friends of the victims.


Stop Executions in Ohio

Three men on death row in the State of Ohio are due to be executed by lethal injection by early December. The state continues to defend its execution process, and the death penalty more generally, despite the recent "botched" lethal injection of Romell Broom. Call on Ohio Governor Ted Strickland to halt executions in his state.

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