Wednesday, October 07, 2009

US Troops Risk All for Safety of Chinese and USA imperialism?

At first blush, the story sounds win-win: China "invests" in Afghanistan, hires out of work Afghans, helps stabilize economy. US troops make it safe for Chinese "private" company to exploit mineral resources.

Exploit is the right word. Two thirds of the economies in the developing world are still structured by past imperialistic dictates to supply North America, Europe, and Japan with raw materials to make products for themselves and to sell worldwide are greater profit. So Afghan copper profits will go to Chinese banks and when copper runs out, what do Afghans have? In a number of African nations who have sold such rights to Chinese, they did not get the jobs either; the Chinese brought in Chinese workers. Imperialism 21st century style is no kinder than it was in 18th century.
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Beijing’s Afghan Gamble

IN Afghanistan’s Logar Province, just south of Kabul, the geopolitical future of Asia is becoming apparent: American troops are providing security for a Chinese state-owned company to exploit the Aynak copper reserves, which are worth tens of billions of dollars.
By exploiting Afghanistan’s metal and mineral reserves, China can provide thousands of Afghans with jobs, thus generating tax revenues to help stabilize a tottering Kabul government. Just as America has a vision of a modestly stable Afghanistan that will no longer be a haven for extremists, China has a vision of Afghanistan as a secure conduit for roads and energy pipelines that will bring natural resources from the Indian Ocean and elsewhere.
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