Saturday, October 10, 2009

Up Close and Personal: Peshawar, Pakistan

Friday, a friend told me that he was a meeting of journalists in Peshawar, Pakistan, when the room shook from the blast in the nearby market - 53 dead, 100+ injured. Then shortly after midnight, militants crept into the NATO depot in Peshawar, the northwestern Pakistani city near the Afghan border, and set fires.

His message today?
"Today again I am in a state of depression as today again I have seen death and destruction. I will request all the members to forget all the things in this world for a few moments and just pray in your hearts for peace. Without peace all the things are meaningless. Please pray for peace. May God the Great give you peace and happiness."
Muhammad K

Can you imagine? We are wondering if it will be a Dodgers-Yankees World Series. Muhammad is wondering from moment to moment if his wife and child are still safe and what will happen when he walks out the door.
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