Saturday, July 31, 2010

Florida Dengue Fever Skeeters Sneaky - hide in sink!

No joke it's not called break bone fever for nothing!

Mosquitoes carrying dengue fever can live indoors

Aedes has been found in Waterpiks, fridge trays, toilets

When a Palm Beach County family was plagued by a swarm of little black mosquitoes, county mosquito chief Ed Bradford knew to look for Aedes aegypti hiding in the house.

"They were in the Waterpik," Bradford said. "The family hadn't used it in a while, I guess, and there was a little water left in it."Read more at

Friday, July 30, 2010

La Migra Reforma - Si, se puedes! - Yes, we can!

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After Judge’s Ruling on Arizona Immigration Law, New Yorkers Renew Call for Reform

Immigrants and their supporters march across the Brooklyn Bridge on July 29, 2010 - Photo: Sarah Kramer

“It’s a good start but it’s not enough,” said Raphael Samanez, Executive Director of VAMOS Unidos, echoing the views expressed by immigrants in Arizona after the judge’s ruling. “We’re here to say “no” to SB 1070 and “no” to comprehensive immigration reform as proposed by Schumer,” said Samanez, who believes the New York senator’s reform proposal is too enforcement heavy.


Wanted better life, died as a detainee of Suffolk, Massachusetts jail's inattention

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Suffolk jail is faulted in death of detainee

Immigrant faced deportation

Pedro Tavarez, a Providence shuttle driver who was being held for deportation to the Dominican Republic, died Oct. 19 at a Boston hospital after a rapid decline that raised questions about medical care and government oversight at the Boston jail.

Officials at the Suffolk County House of Correction have said that the infirmary, run by Tennessee-based Prison Health Services Inc., provides good care and has received high marks by reviewers.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arizona and Governor make state haven for hate groups.

With supporters like these below - is there anyone left for the wannabe-elected-in-her-own-right Governor to offend?

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Neo-Nazi Official Patrolling Arizona Border Lauds Violence

Led by J.T. Ready — a recent member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) — the group, who call themselves Ready’s Rangers, took to the desert armed with semi-automatic rifles
“the Jew is a two-headed cancer which corrupts and putrefies all that is natural and noble upon this earth.”Read more at

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Between Rock and a Hard Spot: Getting Out of Iraq and Afghanistan

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Afghanistan's Most Important Secret
Paris – July 27, 2010 – While it is unquestionable that Barack Obama made the war in Afghanistan “his” war, it also is true that it was served to him on a platter and with a gun pressed against his back.
Mr. Obama, a presidential candidate wholly without military experience, decided to forestall the inevitable attacks upon him as incapable to deal with security issues, by accompanying his promise to end George W. Bush’s Iraq war and making peace in Iraq (yet to be accomplished -- as was foreseeable at the time) by relaunching and winning “the right war,”Read more at

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Map - yuck - of extent of BP Gulf Oil Leak/Gusher

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BP / Gulf Oil Spill - 68,000 Square Miles of Direct Impact

Cumulatively, the surface oil slicks and sheen observed on these satellite images directly impacted 68,000 square miles of ocean - as big as the state of Oklahoma:
Map showing cumulative oil slick footprint from BP / Deepwater Horizon oil spill, based on satellite images taken between April 25 and July 16, 2010

Yo! World leaders - Maryam's 11 Gaza kids need clean water - now!

Take time from your Vogue posing and get clean water for Gaza!

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Clean Water for Gaza: Maryam's Story

Early last year, Israel destroyed much of Gaza’s rudimentary water infrastructure in a protracted bombing campaign. Since then, an ongoing economic blockade has prevented Gazans from importing materials they need to rebuild the water system. Contaminated drinking water is putting people at risk for cholera, typhoid and other diseases.
Maryam and her family - c. Zakher Association
“Since the blockade began, my house only has water once a week,” said Maryam, who has 11 children.
“The rest of the time, we have to buy water at four times the cost of water from the municipality.”Read more at

$9 billion of Iraqi oil money - where is it?

Have you ever lost track of something - you know where you put your chump change, your glasses, your keys. What's the big deal it's $9 billion?

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Pentagon can't account for $8.7 billion in Iraqi funds

The reconstruction money was from oil revenue it was entrusted with between 2004 and 2007, according to a newly released audit that underscores a pattern of poor record-keeping.

Reporting from Baghdad — The Defense Department is unable to properly account for $8.7 billion out of $9.1 billion in Iraqi oil revenue entrusted to it between 2004 and 2007, according to a newly released audit that underscores a pattern of poor record-keeping during the war.


Eat Local? 1632 family farm up for sale - 41 million rural acres gone since 1982

Eat local is great for buzz and spin. 41 million, 41 million acres lost in 28 years cannot be made up for with an acre here and a plot there in middle of Cleveland or New York. Eat local is a great idea but how to get everyone in the suburbs to move back into the city to open up that land for farms again? Dreaming is fine getting things done with dreams - who is up for that?

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But after years of toil and dwindling demand for the crops he produced, the thick-armed 63-year-old has decided the family legacy will end with him. His landmark property — passed from father to son since 1632 and billed as the country’s oldest continually operating family farm — is up for sale.
Since 1982, the nation has lost more than 41 million acres of rural land.Read more at

How many dead babies before products have to be certified safe?

Laws that are designed to "cope" and prevent harm after harm has been caused are laws designed in favor of people whose first interest is making money and they "may" also be interested in making a good product - but money first. How about something really old fashioned? People first! Certify that products are safe and throw some folks in jail who harm folks with their products. Hiding behind "corporate" status has killed enough people and may kill the planet! End of rant.

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Due to Entrapment, Suffocation and Fall Hazards; One Infant Death

Baby Matters Recalls Nap Nanny® Recliners Due to Entrapment, Suffocation and Fall Hazards; One Infant Death Reported

voluntary recall of 30,000 Nap Nanny® portable baby recliners. CPSC is investigating a report of a 4-month-old girl from Royal Oak, Mich. who died in a Nap Nanny® that was being used in a crib.
CPSC and the firm have received 22 reports of infants, primarily younger than 5-months-old, hanging or falling out over the side of the Nap Nanny® despite most of the infants being placed in the harness. Read more at

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hate Group" You are not playing FAIR, you are checking facts - we just quote each other - grin.

Hello left and right! - everyone is checking facts these days - make sure you have or you will get dinged!

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Latest Nativist Horror Story: Once More, It’s a Fairy Tale

It had the makings of a dramatic story: Members of a Mexican drug cartel on Saturday took control of two ranches in Laredo, Texas, as the ranch owners fled for their lives.

If only it were true.

real-life reporters contacted local authorities about the supposed international incident. Haven’t heard a word about it, said the Laredo Police Department. Same here, said the Webb County Sheriff’s Department. Ditto, added the U.S. Border Patrol.Read more at

Vaccinations: Anti-advocates open as vaccinators?

Not in Australia, or so it seems. Being open about what you say and do is pretty basic. If you want health providers to be more open, then you should be as well - right?

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Anti-vaccination campaigners slapped with safety warning

The New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission has taken the unusual step of issuing a safety warning against a group of anti-vaccination campaigners.

"They spook many young families into believing that vaccinations are bad, that the risk outweighs the benefit, which is quite wrong," Dr Ingall said.

The Complaints Commission says the AVN has refused to include a prominent disclaimer on its website.

The Complaints Commission says the AVN has refused to include a prominent disclaimer on its website. (ABC TV)


Mimi's Monday - Pretty Insightful!

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I am slightly north of fifty.
today I feel just like the Cherokee girl my grandmother was
I tried to wash my freckles away in the morning dew when I was 8 years old because she said they would disappear. Lo and behold, at 53,
One random streak of grey
And freckles
Not in the dew
But in the new

And then
I had an epiphany

About perfection
And the lack of it
In me
And imperfections
And strength
in the middle of
imperfect things
that I no longer want to wash away

Blood, sweat, skin, sense, Whew - what a painting!

Linnea is amazing!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Afghanistan Papers - Shades of Pentagon Papers of Vietnam Era

Lots of data leaked with some purpose in mind. Not like Pentagon Papers in that this is all raw data not the result of an analysis by NATO, the US or Great Britain.

The most interesting side of this may well be finding out who leaked and why. What is not included may well tell that tale. Lots of reading to do and thanks to the Guradian - it is all online.

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Afghanistan: The war logs

The investigation: leak exposes real war

Logs reveal grim toll on civilians

Task Force 373 – hunting Taliban

Commanders point finger at Pakistan

Hundreds of innocents die in over 140 incidents

Sensational claims – but no smoking gun

US intelligence records reveal civilian killings, 'friendly fire' deaths and shadowy special forces

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vaccine-itus: Fear of possible autisim symptoms - is killing people

Protecting your children - wanna do that for sure. Can you over do it or make yourself believe you are hlping when you may well be risking your child's life? Yes and yes.

Are there lots of people who will try to convince you that wrong is right - yep. Have people made careers and loads of money selling false science - yes.

What to do? - seek out information from lots of different sources and talk to some reliable people who don't make their living by scaring people.

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Once upon a time, not so very long ago, Whooping Cough infected more than a 160,000 Americans each year, and killed about 5,000 of them.

vaccine combined with diphtheria and tetanus toxoids (DTP)
record-low of 1,010 cases
cases has increased ten-fold, and on average 8 to 40 deaths now occur each year.  Read more at

Friday, July 23, 2010

$35 Laptop from India? About a Year Away

The design is done for this Linux-based machine - now a producer will be selected to bring it to market for India students first - then for export later, perhaps. So, what happened to the MIT designed under $100 laptop for every student?

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India unveils $35 laptop

India has come up with the world's cheapest "laptop," a touch-screen computing device that costs $US35 ($40).

Sibal said the Linux-based computing device was expected to be introduced to higher education institutions from 2011 but the aim was to drop the price further to $US20 and ultimately to $US10.

The device was developed by research teams at India's premier technological institutes, the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wannabe Toughies Kill Wolves from a distance - with high powered rifle

Shameful exhibition of wannabe big game hunter "See how tough I am." Ever wonder too why there are now coyotes in New York? No wolves to compete with for one thing.

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License to Kill

In Idaho and Montana, in early 2009, gray wolves were removed from the endangered species list and left to the mercy of state “management plans.” Those plans have been crafted to satisfy hunters rather than protect the wolves or the ecosystem in which they play an essential role. They all but guarantee the slow extinction of the roughly 1,700 wolves left in the Rocky Mountain West.

But until scientists can determine how many wolves are needed to sustain a thriving population across the Northern Rockies, the hunts must end.Read more at

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gulp for Gulf: 27,000 that's 27,000 abandoned oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico!

How often to abandoned wells leak? Often on land and at sea as well. Too common to track - except for marine life or rather dead zones in the Gulf and... your guess is as good as anyone's if no one is keeping track. Disgusting - aren't we with our addiction to getting there faster.

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"it's not unusual to have seepage around the old wells"
The AP recently did a story (featuring SkyTruth, among others) on the fact that there are 27,000 abandoned wells in the Gulf, and that abandoned wells on land leak so frequently that there is an ongoing need to re-plug them. I guess Admiral Allen confirms what the AP suspected - that this is also a problem with offshore wells. Who knew? Now we all do.Read more at

Monday, July 19, 2010

Afghan Follies: Deja vue all over again?

Many readers are not old enough to remember reports from the field in the Vietnam war, so you may not see that the two notes here on the huge number of contractors hired to help run the war and whether the current version of Special Forces is helping us "win."

Paying all sorts of people in country get you dollar supporters who stay on your side as long as they think you are going to stay. Body counts of insurgent leaders killed are always meaningless in judging whether the enemy will or will not bounce back. Not the same war but similar mistakes being made.

A glance at the conflict in Afghanistan

The US Department of Defense has 19 per cent more contractor personnel (207, 600) in Iraq and Afghanistan than uniformed personnel (175,000), according to a recent report from the US Congressional Research Service.
The figures for Afghanistan show that in March this year there were 112,092 contractors working for the DoD. Of these, 16,081 were US citizens and 17,512 were third-country nationals. The rest, 78,499, were Afghan nationals.
US Special Operations Forces (SOF).
US military officials have said that SOF raids have killed or captured 186 insurgent leaders and detained an additional 925 lower-level insurgents in the past 110 days. The raids have been particularly effective around Kandahar, they say, where there are "indications that IED attacks have decreased and that Taliban control appears to be weakening". It really does say this.Read more at

Friday, July 16, 2010

Women Shape Economy Globally and Get Shorted Worldwide Too!

Maya is from Lebanon but the issues are the same for women there as here and her illustrations are as great and pointed as her humor!

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‘Women shaping the economy’

See more at

Unemployment Extension - Almost here - whew!

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What’s Been Happening With the Unemployment Extension Bill?

On Tues­day and Wednes­day this week, Sen­ate Dems ex­e­cut­ed two im­por­tant pro­ce­du­ral ac­tions that will en­sure that when the new sen­a­tor is seat­ed and they can take up the bill, they can take the quick­est route pos­si­ble under Sen­ate rules to get it passed.Read more at

Thursday, July 15, 2010

BP equals Big Profit - at any cost... lives, loyalty, morality, honor.

BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon-Mobil, the Russian Oil Mafia, OPEC - it is just profit before people and the planet.
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BP Admits Lobbying for Libyan Prisoner Exchange

After several U.S. Senators demanded in an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the release of Pan Am 103 bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, BP has released a statement denying that the company had any specific role in his release, but acknowledging that they lobbied the British government to enter into a prisoner transfer agreement with Libya.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Free Speech for Knesset Member Ripped Away

Sad that Knesset cannot let freedom of speech and association reign for its Israeli-Arab citizens and elected members of their Knesset.

Knesset Strips Palestinian MK of Parliamentary Privileges

haneen zoabi
Today, it only took 34 of the 120 member of the Knesset who actually had the guts to strip Israeli Palestinian MK Haneen Zoabi of her parliamentary privileges–all because she represented her constituents faithfully and joined the Gaza flotilla. 
What is interesting about all this is that Zoabi broke no Israeli law in doing so (she might have had the flotilla reached Gaza).
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Siempre Baja California Radio

Siempre Baja California Radio

Welfare for families ended in 1990's Military Contractor Welfare Alive/Well!

Where is the fight against obesity when we need it. Defense contractor obesity and the feathering of future nests for senior DoD officer and civilian rubber stampers.
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Lockheed wins $5B special ops contract

Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin Corp. has been awarded a broad contract from the U.S. Special Operations Command that could be worth as much as $5 billion over the next 10 years.

The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) is among the subcontractors on the job.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monty Python Hired to Run Afghan Follies - Part Duex

We are going to help pay for Russian helicopters to Afghanistan. If you wrote this five years ago, the producers would say: "no way - who'd believe it?"

Russia to Deliver 21 Transport Helicopters to Afghanistan

EXCERPT: "Russia will supply Afghanistan with 21 Mi-17 Hip military transport helicopters, an Afghan television channel reported on Monday.
According to Tolo television, the contract is worth $300 million and was concluded with the approval of the сentral command in Afghanistan.
Russian envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin told RIA Novosti on Monday that NATO had yet to agree on the exact delivery date of some time in July, although the alliance has voiced the need for Russian transport helicopters a long time ago.
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Yo! BP (British Polluters Ltd) We have Freedom of Press here in USA!

Yo! US Coast Guard - that goes for you as well - your job is not to shield BP and beaches from press! President Obama - fix this!
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No Free Press for BP Oil Disaster

New Orleans — Last week, the U.S. Coast Guard, working in concert with oil giant BP, instituted new restrictions across the U.S. Gulf Coast that prevent the media from coming within 20 meters of booms or response vessels on beaches or water. But the insidiousness of the restrictions runs even deeper.

An oiled brown pelican receives treatment at Fort Jackson Bird Rehabilitation Center in Buras, La. PHOTO: International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC)

Hub Enterprises out of Broussard, Louisiana has a contract with BP to provide “security officers” and “supervisors.” Don is being paid somewhere between $13 and $14 an hour to do his part in helping BP keep a media lid on what is happening with the largest oil-related environmental disaster in U.S. history.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

2010 Palestinian/Israeli Peace What would 2018 Look Like?

Without vision, you are nothing. If you can't talk and work together but live side by side - what does the future hold for you?

2010: Imagine 2018

Imagine 2018 is a multiplatform campaign that depicts visions by Israelis and Palestinians of 2018 if a peace agreement is signed versus maintaining the status quo or worse.

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Wal-Mart: Profit before people? Spend 2 million to not pay $7,000 fine for not protecting employees!

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Wal-Mart Spending Millions to Fight $7K Fine in Stampede Death

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA] has fined Wal-Mart $7,000, accusing the company of failing to provide a place of employment that was "free from recognized hazards."
Wal-Mart has spent an estimated $2 million on legal fees fighting the penalty.
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PTSD Vets - Deja vue - Vets impailed by criminal justice system

Watch the show form your own opinion, then contact your US Congressmember and US Senators and tell them what you think - why? Because Iraq and Afghan wars are still preparing young Americans for mistreatment/non-treatment when they return. Our "War Crimes?" - Not caring for our vets and letting our elected representatives pursue the wrong wars.
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War Crimes: Vanguard Trailer

Correspondent Kaj Larsen investigates the alarming rise in the number of soldiers who have been traumatized by war and are now accused of bringing the violence home. Of the more than 2 million men and women who have served in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as many as a third of them may now have post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. A growing number of these vets are being charged with violent crimes, and Kaj travels to prisons and mental health facilities in Arizona, Colorado and Oregon to hear their stories.

"War Crimes" premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 10/9c on Current TV.
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Friday Night Lights Recalled - Falling on Stands

Grin - the real reason series was canceled. Seriously, if your field has these lights have them inspected.
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Recall to Repair: Whitco Company LP Stadium Light Poles Can Fall Over, Posing Risk of Serious Injury and Death

Name of product: Whitco Company LP poles 70 feet tall or higher

Hazard: The poles can fracture or crack and fall over, posing a risk of serious injury or death to patrons and bystanders from being hit or crushed. The poles range from 1 to 4 tons increasing the risk of death if the pole falls toward a crowded stadium or onto a building.

In two other incidents, the poles fell onto outdoor bleachers causing significant property damage.
Picture of fallen stadium light pole
Picture of fallen stadium light pole
Picture of light pole fallen through gymnasium roof
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