Monday, January 31, 2011

Be just, love mercy, walk humbly with the universe
Be just, love mercy, walk humbly with the universe

Déjà vu - 1968 - Will things turn out any better 2nd time around?

Anyone else feeling more than a bit of déjà vu - 1968 Anti-war protests, urban centers rising in anger, Detroit, DC, NYC, Paris, Great Leap Forward, Bobby, Martin, Viva La Raza, Watts, French Republic, Red Brigade, SDS, anarchists, hope, love, bombs, right-wing coups, left-wing coups... Sympathy for... Street Fighting Man

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cholera from Haiti, to Dominican Republic, to Massachusetts?

So, how safe is our food? What can be the result of not stopping serious disease outbreaks around the world? Get with it world has changed and our responses have not - that could kill all of us!

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Mass. Has Cholera, Flu

Image by Paul Keleher from photos tagged "Bostonist" on Flickr.
Two serious illnesses are making waves in Massachusetts. One is common and one isn't.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health confirmed six cases of cholera in the Bay State that are linked to a wedding in the Dominican Republic last week. Over 110 cases were reported in Venezuela from the January 22 wedding at Casa de Campo in. The sickness is traced to contaminated lobster.
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Overmedicated farm animals may kill us and themselves

Pesticide and drug addicted industrialized farming is thinking protect profit while they may be killing us, their animals and ultimately their profit as well. We need to stop them!

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Farm antibiotics, human illness and what connects them. (It has legs.)

That the use of antibiotics on conventional/confinement farms provokes the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria really isn’t in dispute; it’s been proven, over and over again, for about 30 years now.
FoodNet, monitors the prevalence of 10 illness-causing organisms, but doesn’t test for antibiotic resistance.
The Center for Science in the Public Interest says yes. In a white paper published this week, the group documents 35 outbreaks between 1973 and 2009 for which epidemiologic and microbiological links are clear.

Environment of hate in Arizona = two 9-year old girls shot and killed

We really need to learn how to live together and live up to the challenges to "love one another, as I have loved you." "Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the humblest imaginable." "Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love."

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Latina Lista

Brisenia Flores, the other 9-year-old AZ shooting victim

brisenia flores.jpg -- The Tucson region has the dubious distinction of being a place where two nine-year-old girls were horrendously murdered -- Christina Taylor Greene and Brisenia Flores.

Brisenia was also 9-years-old, but unlike Christina, Brisenia was in a place where she deserved to feel safe and protected -- her home.

Currently, the woman blamed for these senseless, hateful murders is on trial in Tucson.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pandemics more likely in today's 24/7 world - Haiti is flashpoint #1!

Used to be that when we wanted to ignore the impact of disease and starvation someplace - we could and not worry about it effecting anything more than our morals/ethics. When 450 people who attend a wedding in the Dominican Republic - get cholera that came from Haiti - and then are in Venezuela, Spain, Canada, USA and Mexico within 24 hours - get the picture? Help Haiti - because we should and to protect ourselves as well.

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Spreading cholera, maybe polio: Now will we care about Haiti?

The confirmed cholera and possible polio cases underline, one more time, that infectious diseases do not respect borders — as China found out during SARS and Nigeria when it refused polio vaccination. For as long as Haiti suffers these post-earthquake epidemics, there will be a risk of those epidemics traveling to the rest of the world.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you listening UK Tories? Find a Plan B or Fail!

If there is anyone who should know how the economy runs in Britain, it is Soros. You should listen or move out of Number 10 and get a life.

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George Soros tells David Cameron: change direction or face recession

Mix of tax increases and spending cuts unsustainable, speculator says, as World Economic Forum gets under way

George Soros
Soros made his reputation in 1992, when his large-scale speculative attacks on the pound forced John Major's government to remove sterling from the exchange rate mechanism, and when Cameron was an aide to chancellor Norman Lamont.

Help! and I Wanna Hold Your Hand! leads to degree in Beatles

Former Juno award winner for outstanding and upcoming vocalist - happy to be the first.

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Canadian graduates in Beatles class

Canadian recording artist has become the first person in the world to graduate with a Masters degree in The Beatles from Liverpool Hope University. Former Miss Canada finalist, Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy was one of the first students to sign up for the first ever course on the Fab Four when it launched in March 2009.

Mary-Lu Zahalan, a 53-year-old music instructor at the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Oakville, Ont., was handed her diploma at a ceremony on Wednesday in Liverpool before being ushered to the city's Penny Lane — subject of one of the band's most famous songs — for a photo session celebrating her landmark scholarly achievement.


Bill Action: Introduced: S. 91: A bill to implement equal protection under t...

Senator Wicker wants to control all woman's rights because he knows what is best for women - not!



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S. J. Res. 2:proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to Citizenship

S. J. Res. 2: A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to... (

Senator wants to gut 14th amendment, bring back slavery and make himself an illegal alien?

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pray, hope that Lebanon does not implode!

It is way too easy for things to come apart in Lebanon and the Lebanese have suffered enough and seem to be making progress. So please - take a step back and seek peace!

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1 lebanon news W. W. H. D.

In all cases, I truly hope the destructive behavior on the streets won’t last, and will never be repeated, from either side of political parties…


Greenwashing Victory for Nestlé: to receive 2011 Gold Medal in Sustainable Development

Nestlé S.A. to receive 2011 World Environment Center Gold Medal in Sustainable Development

Sustainable development? Well they do give money to NGOs which gets them a greenwashing pass-go-get-out-of-jail-free card.
They also own a number of bottled water and mineral water companies around the world packaged in both plastic and glass.
It was reported on Apr 17, 2006 ... Nestlé Obtains a Patent on Genetically Modified Coffee Plants
They have switched palm oil suppliers after a campaign this past year but have not stopped using palm oil in its products.

They have done a good job of greenwashing and this award will be used to try and make them look like a good guy company.

Do a little search on your own when you see a for-profit firm getting an award for being sustainable. And check out the companies giving "awards/grants/cash" based on your "voting" for your favorite charity. Their purpose? Spend a little to buy a whole lot of good feeling while they kill your community or planet, and maybe export your job out of the country.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

BBC cuts websites to save money

Why not try saying what it is doing clearly instead of in double-speak? How do you close 200 sites to "reshape" for digital age. Sounds more like BBC is stuck in the analog age and does not know how to blend audio, video and cyber content.



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via ABC News: Top Stories on 1/24/11

The BBC says it is closing 200 of its websites, with the loss of 360 jobs over the next two years, in a drive to cut overall costs and reshape online content for the digital age.



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Repression and Dissappearing - Opponents Goes on in Sri Lanka

His family and readers will not forget, not matter how much you hope they will. Today - with the worldwideweb - tyrants can no longer count on time to cloud people's memories. If you killed him tell the truth - if he is still alive - let him go!

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No news of political cartoonist one year after his disappearance

The situation for journalists in Sri Lanka continues to be very disturbing. Under the system of media control and intimidation established by President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government, state media journalists are censored and journalists with the privately-owned media censor themselves. Those that dare to criticize the president or his associates, as Prageeth did, risk serious reprisals.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Just the facts please; we can decide ourselves if EPA is good or bad

Wall Street Journal put up your facts or stop claiming lies are true! That is the challenge - think they will bite?

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An Open Challenge to the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal
Environmental Protection Agency
“rewriting environmental law with almost no scrutiny,”
“re-regulating conventional air pollutants, often bypassing the usual notice and public comment.”

Prove it.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Noa launches the Life Political Party in Israel - the world?

Thinking about it - not a bad idea - a good idea - in fact. Let her you know you are joining by visiting her blog and telling her. Thanks. Life is a good thing to support.

about LIFE, the party...

Since the political situation in my country, and everywhere, is nauseating and depressing to say the least, I have decided to start a new political party.
It’s called, very simply, LIFE.

Our virtual headquarters are, for the moment, in my heart.

But we’re looking for appropriate real-estate.

Feel free to join!

All you have to do is…..

Greed-based Spin About GM Chickens Conquering Flu

Industrialized farming of poultry over the past decade - chickens, duck, geese, turkeys - and its massing of birds raised to profit from the world market caused nature to respond with the lethal H5N1 avian influenza as a means to "re-balance" an out of balance system. The "scientists" proclaim themselves as masters of nature and that "their" (soon to be patented) GM chickens will end the threat of H5N1 in chickens. What the development of a monoculture of chickens will do is trigger another attempt by the natural system to develop another, perhaps even more lethal virus to "re-balance" the system again.

Greed-based science is not the cure, it will likely be the "disease" that will kill us all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Roaming Herds = the right way to farm sustainably

Sounds strange but when you think about it this guy is right. Grasslands that fed buffalo ins North America, and savannas in Africa that host all sorts of herding animals "evolved" to stay healthy together! Fence the land and don't let animals roam naturally and the grass and soil begins to die - Observe nature and learn! Don't Fence Me In!

Words: Choose them wisely. You can't take them back.

Thanks Mimi for good advise and thoughts.

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Words: Choose them wisely. You can't take them back.
No words needed
Whew! I feel better. Thanks for listening.

Sixty seconds flew by. I think my blogsomnia is cured.

Lights out.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loose lips +

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Will Arizona Senate Leader Welcome President Obama or “Require Papers”?

A month ago, Pearce, one of the main architects and proponents of the SB 1070 anti-immigration law in Arizona, infamously joked at a Judicial Watch panel: “I can tell you that the best thing about 1070 is that Obama may not be visiting Arizona because we actually require papers now.”

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Palin prays nothing she has said/done contributed to Giffords tragedy

It would have really been quite refreshing and brave if she had made such a statement or expressed those thoughts instead of attacking her attackers. I hope that she can some day she may add compassion to her passion.

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Sarah Palin brands media's attacks over Arizona shooting as 'blood libel'

Politician breaks silence on Giffords shooting and lambasts opponents with controversial choice of language

Sarah Palin today accused her opponents of manufacturing a "blood libel" by suggesting her rhetoric and campaign tactics had anything to do with the Arizona shootings.

Palin's bizarre use of language is sure to provoke further controversy – a blood libel refers to the false claim that Jews murder children to use in religious rituals. Giffords is Jewish.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be Indignant! Calling for Return to Finest of French Values

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" - not expulsion, dis-unity, enmity, and inequality. This may be the beginning of 1968 deja vu worldwide? Can we make it right this time - in peace, joy and love because the opposite will... The title in the piece is wrong - I think being indignant is different from being angry.

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Stephane Hessel PHOTO: Marie-Lan Nguyen
written by a 93-year-old activist and former member of the French Resistance against the German occupation of the Second World War.
It is incumbent upon each of us to work together so that our society remains one that we can be proud of: not this society of undocumented workers, of expulsions, of suspicions towards immigrants, not this society where retirements benefits and social welfare programs are put into jeopardy, not this society where the media is in the hands of the rich.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pride + Addiction to Publicity + Hate = Almost Unbelievable Reaction to Tucson Shootings

When the society gives "support" to political extremism - "lone and crazy" folks delude themselves into thinking their acts will bring them fame and approval from those they admire.

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Fred Phelps and his rabidly anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church
In a flier posted to the WBC website
“God appointed this rod for your sins! God sent the shooter!”
“Your federal judge is dead and your (fag-promoting, baby-killing, proud-sinner) Congresswoman fights for her life. God is avenging Himself on this rebellious house! WBC prays for your destruction — more shooters, more dead carcasses piling up, young, old, leader and commoner — all. Your doom is upon you!”

Sunday, January 09, 2011

An Afghan Poet Tears at the Truth of Her Being

My hope for her is that 10 years from now, someone will say: "Amazing that women were not fully appreciated back then - look at all they have done, now, to move us forward!"

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A World of Luck

If I were not a woman

the day I was born

Mom wouldn’t have suffered.

Dad wouldn’t have warned

her: You’ve brought shame

to the house!

If I were not a woman

I would never be a hurt,

never be ashamed.



Saturday, January 08, 2011

Respect for Constitution?

Republicans respect the Constitution so much that four of them submitted Amendments to it yesterday. Some would take that to mean they thought the Constitution was somehow deficient, or that they think that all Americans before them and who will come after them were/are/will be too dumb to get things right. Good thing that these same four do not have as much respect for their religious beliefs; they'd be trying to amend God to suit themselves - grin.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Disunion: First South Carolina. Then New York?

Does this apply today - substitute Arizona for NYC?



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via NYT > Opinion by By JOHN LOCKWOOD and CHARLES LOCKWOOD on 1/6/11

The South wasn't the only part of the Union contemplating secession in January 1861. So was New York City.



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