Thursday, October 01, 2009

Asylum for those who push GM food and us from them

GM food sounds so attractive until you think about this: Is Monsanto, Bayer, or whomever big corp thinking first about

1. their profit; 2. people's health; 3. dangers to the environment; 4. making crops and farmers more susceptible to crop collapse due to unforeseen or unintended consequences.

Who did not vote for #1 as their first priority? What works best for profit is to plant all the same crop - right. What works best for a new insect, fungus, or bacteria - humans plant all the same crop.

Getting Corny: Environmentalists Seek 'Agricultural Asylum'

MADRID — Environmentalists dressed as giant ears of corn Tuesday
asked for "agricultural asylum" in the French embassy in Madrid in a
protest over genetically modified crops.

[Environmentalist rallying against genetically-modified corn. (AFP image)]Environmentalist rallying against genetically-modified corn. (AFP image)
The environmental
organisation Friends of the Earth organised the symbolic act to protest
Spain's "large-scale" production of genetically modified corn, which is
banned in France.

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