Monday, October 05, 2009

Mama said: "there'd be days like this." Hopeless Hopi

What I like to know is where do you go to report a planetary rapist, pimps for Peabody Coal, and the ravaging of land held sacred for thousands of years by Hopi and Navajo who only walk with us as spirits now?

The sickest of criminals and lifelong bullies are those who commit crimes against humanity just because they can - aka: Peabody Coal.

CounterPunch: A new dirty low for Peabody Coal

October 5, 2009
Takeover in Hopiland
A Dirty New Low for Peabody Coal
Former chairmen of the Hopi Nation have revealed that the Hopi Tribal Council has been taken over by a pro-Peabody Coal faction. Further, Hopi reveal that the tribe's attorney and the media are being used to carry out Peabody Coal's agenda.
Peabody Coal used the same tactic originally to seize Black Mesa for coal mining and bring about Navajo relocation for coal mining, by way of attorney John Boyden, who worked for Peabody and the Hopi Tribe. The media was also coopted in the original seizure of Black Mesa by Peabody Coal, with the media cheerleading and proclaiming the so-called Navajo Hopi land dispute.
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