Monday, December 11, 2006

Bush League Anti-Terror Failures

Is Jeb Bush just like the other Bush League leaders -- Georges 2 and Britain's Blair -- who regularly use the 3-D approach (deceit, dishonor, and deny) to gain and maintain their power?

Wait - what do you mean 3-D?

Deceive or lie about why a nation should go to war, lead fellow travelers and trusting followers, or employees to believe that it's OK to truss up and "torture" suspected terrorists and thus dishonor themselves, then deny that you knew or supported them.

Deceive supporters about what you will do once in office to end all abortions, stop gay agenda, protect children, and get prayer back in schools. Cover-up or bury information about your insiders who daily dishonor their public moral beliefs and then deny that they ever knew them or what they were doing. And deny they have the power or influence to make good on their promises.

That's 3-D Leadership.

After 9-11, Jeb's brother said he would do everything to make the nation safe. Five years have gone by and if you wanted to hire 100 terrorists and give them fake CDL ID to drive 16 wheels of death, disease and destruction all over the nation and into any port or truck stop today, it would not be a problem because the programs designed to prevent such a leaky security system are still in disarray.

Transportation experts and officials all over the nation will agree with that assessment but now a former Florida Highway Patrol Officer turned consultant is trying to lay the groundwork for saying that a system in Florida under Jeb Bush, has been a success.

TSA public relations officials point to successful tests of the biometric ID elements of the TWIC card in at least one location -- the state of Florida -- where Billy Dickson, a retired lieutenant colonel with the Florida State Highway Police, says his department conducted a “short-term test on the TWIC card a year ago at the Port of Canaveral and Port of Pensacola.” Dickson is now a senior management analyst with the Florida Department of Highway Safety.
“We proved to ourselves that the biometric piece worked,” said Dickson, explaining they set up enrollment centers at the ports using a General Electric-designed chip based on driver's fingerprints. Acknowledging initial bugs – not to mention the fact that two to four percent of the population (including truckers) didn’t have what he calls “usable fingerprints” – Dickson says the cards are about to go “operational” in Panama City and Fernandina Beach, Fla., north of Jacksonville.
Dickson has no numbers on truckers involved, but believes there are “a significant amount because Fernandina has big truck movement.” At Panama City, the 400 people issued TWIC cards with the GE technology for biometric IDs included seaport workers and truckers, with no breakout on truckers, says Dickson. They’re also looking at facial recognition and iris scans as “suitable alternatives” to fingerprints for any one coming and going from Florida ports.

A national standard for the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) scanning equipment exists, but not for biometric technologies that relate to trucking industry security, says Dominique Harrington, deputy director of testing services for the National Biometric Security Project.

This may seem too obscure to be a plus for wannabee president Jeb Bush but I believe he has learned from his brother that when you are going to deceive the public, you need to have lots of sources that look good at first glance. Remember that the bricks supporting Iraq's weapons of mass destruction turned out to be nothing but spray-painted bundles of straw-bricks.

Just tuck this away in your memory when you see claims that Jeb Bush is a real anti-terror leader - not!