Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fox TV - No Shame for Beck Trivializing Holocaust

People have been making money by the sack full and gaining power and recognition for generations preaching about who listeners should hate, fear, outlaw, lynch, beat to death. Hitler and Stalin have been joined by Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs and many wannabe head haters - including an ex-governor.

In a market-driven economy what's one of the best ways to respond? For me it is to let Fox and CNN know, I am not watching until things change and and recommending the same to others.

No Fox, No CNN. No advertising on Fox or CNN. Will they miss me - grin? Only if several hundred thousand join with me in skipping their favorite shows on Fox and CNN. I managed to quit smoking after forty years - cold turkey - so I think I can manage without my local or national Fox, or even the shows I like on CNN until they change. How about you?

Glenn Beck's Hate Speech: Likens Criticism of Fox News To Murder Of 6,000,000 Jews

By M.J. Rosenberg
The Obama administration offered some mild criticism of Fox News
Glenn Beck has responded by likening this onslaught to the murder of Six Million Jews.
My kids -- Americans in their early thirties -- are missing dozens if not hundreds of cousins because of the mass murder Beck trivializes And our family had it easy compared to most European Jews.
It is, frankly, disgusting that Beck likens this slaughter -- including 1.5 million children -- to criticism of his rolling-in-dough network.
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