Friday, February 09, 2007

Walk Away from Global Warming

We Will Fail Trying to Stop Global Warming at a Dead Run -- But...
We Can Walk Away from Global Warming Step by Step

People - all of us - will not and our governments will not make really big changes to alter the dismal future that Global Warming will bring. Why? Because we and our governments will not make really big changes in how we live unless the reason is as obvious as nightly bombing raids over London. So forget about really big changes - they will not happen until it is too late and we are gasping for air.

But we will individually and collectively can build small changes into our lives that visibly impact our local environment -- and collectively our global environment.

Most people know that they have collectively messed up their local environment - fouled the air,lakes, coastline, earth. Everyone knows it is hotter in the city because it is mostly paved over and is made up of thousands of heat sources not so present in the countryside. So making small changes that are easily fitted into daily life is possible. And if these small changes also benefit the individual in some way, all the better.

Walking away from Global Warming Step by Step
1. Find a place to park your car a half mile farther from where you usually park to go to work each day.

You burn less fuel and increase your energy output. One mile additional a day, five additional miles a week, 20 miles a month will not only reduce carbon in the atmosphere, it will help you lose about 10 pounds in a month or so without even thinking about it.

2. If you can find a place to park and walk a half mile to a bus or train that will take you to work - even better scores for the environment and you still lose weight, save money and clean the air.

3. After six months or so, you might increase the distance to one mile -- that adds 15 minutes to your travel time one way. Not a big deal and double the benefit to the environment and your health or fitness.

4. Find a square yard or two around where you live that is currently paved over with concrete or asphalt. Break it up, use it to make a small enclosure and plant something or create a grass walkway. Get a little exercise, find pleasure in growing something and add your very own two square yard oxygen cleaner and generator.

5. Convince, cajole, browbeat, invite at least one additional person to take the same four steps with you.

Start adding up the numbers and benefits if millions of people do this. Not a bad start, eh and no additional taxes, speeches, government inaction, etc. Just people making small changes to save their world.