Friday, March 31, 2006

What's Needed in Illegal Alien Debate?

What's Needed in Illegal Alien Debate?

Justice, Mercy, and Humility (Common Sense) for the Excluded Ones in Our Society

We Need a Humane and Just Way that Enables Illegal Immigrants to Work for Their Legal Status...and

We Need a Humane and Just Way that Enables American "Exiles" to Work their Way "Home."

Who are the American Exiles?
The millions of American men and women "exiled" from a full life in America because of past convictions, jail time, and probation for non-violent and minor drug (marijuana) crimes.

If we apply common sense, justice and mercy to "What do you do with 11 million people who don't "belong" here?" then we have ask and answer questions like these:
Can you imagine the lines on our side of the border?
Who's going to guard, feed and care for them until they cross over?
Who's going to pay for that?
How are you going to be sure the "right" people are being forced out? Will you want to make an exception for your neighbor's grandmother, who survived the Soviet Gulag or Nazi Camps and then entered the US illegally in 1956?

If we are being just and merciful, then what about the millions of Americans who cannot get decent jobs or feel they are a part of the community because they got "caught" up in the "war" on drugs for possession or small time dealing or non-violent theft to pay for their drug.

There is also a large number of American exiles whose "crime" was being a "dumb" and "wild" kid. Can we find a way that they can work their way back to being a full citizen?

I think we can devise humane, practical, and just ways for perhaps 20 million people in America to prove and pay their way into the American Dream.

What do you think?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Don't Let George Do It -- Anymore!

End Pre-emptive War Petition

Don't let George do it anymore -- advocate or wage pre-emptive war.

Pre-emptive war is new speak for sneak attack - AKA: Do to others what the Japanese did to us at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

We are better than that -- aren't we? I think so. Join with me or make your own petition - grin - or do both! Ned

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

President Bush Pushes Pre-emptive War Again!

President Bush the First fought in the Second World War - in the Pacific Theater. He must be wondering why his son George - now President himself - seems to be saying that General Tojo and Admiral Yamamoto were early adopters of the pre-emptive war strategy that our current President and Vice President seem to think is the proper stance for America to save itself from the commies - opps, sorry - the terrorists.

Remember Pearl Harbor! and Remember the Arizona! used to mean, remember how the Japanese were so sneaky and low down that they attacked us without warning!

So how far does this "Let's use the tactics of those who hate, fear, and attack us to attack and defeat them!" go?

We have let our standards of humanity slip in the "war prisons" we support, and waved good bye to standards of justice and law when we began assassinating opponents instead of capturing them.

Maybe our President is thinking about that old party standby "how low can you go?" from the Limbo. I bet he could get lower than any of his old drinking buddies. End of rant - sorry.

Secret Agreement Between US and Iranian Presidents Revealed!

There must be a secret agreement beween President's Bush and Ahmadinejad to help each other out.

Otherwise it makes little sense that President Bush would try to rerun his "We-gotta-be-scared-of-Saddam-and-get-rid-of-him" as "We-gotta-be-scared-of-Iran-and-get-rid-of-that-Ahmadinejad" and think we'd believe him. And at the same time President Ahmadinejad is rerunning "The US is the great satan that threatens to kill Iran daily!" rant used to consolidate support for the Mullahs running Iran into the ground.

OK. I'll make it simpler. George says: "I'll say things that will scare the !#%@*!! out your people so they will support you, if you will do the same for me - OK?"

If there is another rational explanation for us to believe this "new" axis of evil spin other than to get us to ignore Iraq Falling Apart, I'd like ot hear it.

Monday, March 13, 2006

President's Bush and Ahmadinejad - Darryl & Darryl Redux?

President Bush is trying to build up support for the US involvement in Iraq by blaming part of the problems and deaths of Americans on Iran. So, let me get this straight. We are supposed to back our President's policies out of fear of a "going-nuclear" Iran and because Iran is supposed to be supplying Iraqi insurgents with parts of its IEDs. President Bush's support is reported to even be slipping some among Christian fundamentalists.

At the same time, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been trying to drum up support for continued sacrifice and support from Iranians for the super-conservative and fundamentalist mullahs. He is doing this by telling everyone that the US is going to attack them soon and they can't back down to US bullying on nuclear power.

Is it possible that these two Presidents are actually coordinating their almost simultaneous "tall tale" and "cry wolf" strategies to retain support for their respective policies?

Or is this just their way of sending a message to Hollywood and Bollywood, that they would both like to do a remake of Wag the Dog when they retire?

I can't be the only one who is saying: "How can people in either country believe these loonies anymore?"