Sunday, October 11, 2009

Desk-Bound Journalists Blow Hopi and Navajo Green Stories

It is sad to see what damage can be done when some journalists take to rewriting company PR. The hard work of Hopi and Navajo people to save their land and heritage is easily overlooked and set back by those who have degrees in journalism process but no on-the-ground knowledge about anything or the gumption to get at all sides of a story.

Absurd one-sided media coverage of the so-called ban

The amazing part of the one-sided news coverage of the so-called Hopi Tribal Council ban on environmentalists, which the Navajo president supported, is how few news reporters were even aware of the large number of Hopi and Navajo environmental organizations and individual activists.
If all the Hopi and Navajo people defending and honoring the land, air and water were banned, all of the traditional Hopi and Navajo would have to leave their lands.
What the one-sided coverage by AP, Arizona Republic and the others reveals is that the reporters are not spending any time in Indian country. They continue to just rewrite the press releases of politicians and corporations.
Even Mother Jones got duped.
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