Monday, November 30, 2009

Rewriting Freedom of speech, press, association, right to petition government

You have until January 14th, 2010 to express your interests and opinions.
Comments are due on or before January 14, 2010
You may submit comments, identified by GN Docket No. 09-191
and WC Docket No. 07-52, by any of the following methods:
Federal eRulemaking Portal:
Follow the instructions for submitting comments.
Federal Communications Commission's Web site: http://
. Follow the instructions for submitting comments.
E-mail: and include the following words in
the body of the message: ``get form.'' A sample form and directions
will be sent in response. Include the docket number(s) in the subject
line of the message.
Blog Filers: In addition to the usual methods for filing
electronic comments, the Commission is allowing comments, reply
comments, and ex parte comments in this proceeding to be filed by
posting comments on and on http://
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Preserving the Open Internet, Broadband Industry Practices

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thumb in Eye of Trashiest Eco-Corporate Terrorist!

In the name of short term advantage, hoped-for-profit, and self-delusion many corporations are spending like crazy and lying up a storm to convince political leaders to be as dumb as they are. Here's a chance to point out who you think is the worst. My personal favorite is Monsanto with its Round-up ready genetically modified food. The crux of it is that thay are betting that they are smarter than nature and that flooding the world with round up (which originally debut in Viet Nam as Agent Orange) willdo us no harm and that nature will never figure out how to attack is monoculture crops. Go ahead and think about it a bit and then vote.

Welcome to the Angry Mermaid Award

Cast your vote in the Angry Mermaid Award and help decide which company or lobby group is doing the most to sabotage effective action on climate change.

Voting is open until Sunday 13  December 2009.

The Angry Mermaid Award has been set up to recognise the perverse role of corporate lobbyists, and highlight those business groups and companies that have made the greatest effort to sabotage the climate talks, and other climate measures, while promoting, often profitable, false solutions.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yin-Yang: Chinese eat cats and rescue cats

From outside the culture, it is difficult to understand those who eat cats and dogs. If you are traditional Hindu, you wonder how anyone could eat any animal.

I still can't understand eating cats - I don't believe the people eating them to be evil - I just can't understand it.
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Caged Cats To Be Slaughtered For Meat Found In Tianjin

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Concerned netizens take action, eight hundred kitties rescued

As a result of unsuccessful negotiations with the cat traffickers, the compound’s gates were locked. 40 “cat friends” disregarded the cold and remained outside the compound overnight. The next day, another 70 plus Beijing cat friends rushed to and arrived at Tianjin. After the cat friends anxiously waited a day, the cat traffickers still had not reappeared.  After coordinating, yesterday night, finally with the help of police, the caged kitties were transported by specially arranged vehicles to temporary accommodations in an unused school classroom, with 30 volunteers responsible for taking care of them. Tianjin City’s Animal Health Supervision Authority also sent relevant personnel, to conduct disinfect/sterilize the classroom serving as temporary accomodations for the kitties and the transport vehicles.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Peace Train (live) Get on Board 2009

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Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Forget Chinese Marxism; It's Chinese Bullying That's Threatening!

It is so wrong on Tibet, it can't stand anyone saying anything about Tibetan's rights to freedom. If you stand up to a bully, you may take some knocks but they will not generally bother you again because down deep they are afraid of getting hurt themselves.

Chinese Pressure Forces Bangladesh to Bar Tibet Exhibition

Organisers determined to go on with the Tibet exhibition on the street
Activist and Professor Dr. Muzzafar Ahmed seats in front of Drik gallery protesting the ban on a photo exhibition featuring Tibetan history in Dhaka November 1, 2009. An exhibition
Activist and Professor Dr. Muzzafar Ahmed seats in front of Drik gallery protesting the ban on a photo exhibition featuring Tibetan history in Dhaka November 1, 2009. An exhibition “Into Exile | Tibet 1949 – 2009″ featuring the journey of “Tibetans from their Homeland to Exile” has been banned by police on Sunday, organizers said. REUTERS/Andrew Biraj

Dharamsala, November 2: Bangladeshi police in the country’s capital Dhaka on Sunday barred a prominent picture gallery from holding a photo exhibition on Tibet following complaints from Chinese diplomats, the government and organisers have said.

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Returning to Health Supporting Diet of Traditional Navajo Foods

My research has shown me that people who have lived in the same ecological niche for 500-1000 years "adapt" physically and culturally to a diet and exercise regime that supports good health for that niche. Relatively rapid change in diet and exercise, unbalances their system and produces ill effects. They are right on the diet part but they also need to look at how much daily exercise a typical child and adult got 100 or more years ago and figure out how to get - grin - people moving again and not doing as so many of us do - watch tv and sit behind a computer instead of taking a walk or a run.
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Tohono O'odham turns to traditional foods
"The second largest Native American tribe, Tohono O'odham, has the highest rate of adult onset diabetes in the world. Many of the tribe's 28,000 members live on a reservation in the desert in the U.S. southwest state of Arizona. Until 1960, no one had diabetes because people ate traditional foods that helped prevent the disease. But with the introduction of foods high in fat and calories, diabetes became widespread, including in children. Now the O'odham people are being encouraged to go back to eating the traditional foods and a cafe on the reservation is making those foods appealing.
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A Step Climber solution to watering crops - cool!

Keep fit and water your crops at the same time - cool. Wonder if some savvy and mechanically inclined investor can buy up step climbers people no longer use - grin - or never really used and retro fit them - recycle - as water pumps for third world use!
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Treadle Pumps: Eco friendly and effective way of pumping water

A Treadle Pump is a human operated pump used to pump water from a depth of few meters and from lakes and rivers.
International Development Enterprises India
has sold more than 750,000 Krishak Bandhu (farmer’s friend) Treadle Pumps till date and has positively affected more than 3 million people.
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Good on you Greenpeace! Go for Globe!

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Climate destroyer shut down by activists in Indonesian rainforest ahead of Copenhagen Climate Summit

Greenpeace activists hang a banner with the message Destruction: You can stop this" from the top of a loading crane in the
port of a major pulp mill facility in Riau Province 900 kilometers
(600 miles) Northwest of Jakarta. The activists are shutting down the
export facilities of the pulp mill, operated by Sinar Mas-owned pulp
and paper company APP in the heart of Indonesia's rainforests." />

Earlier this morning thirteen activists
locked down cranes at the giant paper plant's port calling for strong
leadership from world leaders to avert climate chaos and to provide
funds needed to end tropical deforestation as part of a fair, ambitious
and legally binding climate deal at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in

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I (used) love what you do for me - Toyota! Zoooom!

If you see a Toyota coming at you or behind you... look for an exit until they fix the gas pedals in some of their most popular cars. So much for legendary Japanese quality - their recall record now is about the same as everyone's.

Grin - wonder what they'd do if 4 million customers showed up Monday and demanded: Fix it now Toyota!
Toyota to replace 4M gas pedals that could jam
FILE - In this Oct. 1, 2009 photo, a top selling Toyota Camry is on display in the showroom at the McGeorge Toyota dealership in Richmond, Va. Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009, it will replace accelerator pedals on 3.8 million recalled vehicles in the United States to address problems with the pedals becoming jammed in the floor mat.(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

As a temporary step, Toyota will have dealers shorten the length of the gas pedals beginning in January while the company develops replacement pedals for their vehicles, the Transportation Department and Toyota said. New pedals will be available beginning in April, and some vehicles will have brake override systems installed as a precaution.

Popular vehicles such as the Toyota Camry, the top-selling passenger car in America, and the Toyota Prius, the best-selling gas-electric hybrid, are among those recalled. Also included is the luxury Lexus ES350, the model in a fiery fatal accident in California that focused public attention on the danger.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Racism + White Nationalism = What % of Anti-Immigration Reform?

It is going to be hard to figure this one, since John Tauton and his ilk have been practicing for more than ten years how to hide within and behind causes and organizations that seem to not be racist or white nationalists. The closer we get to real reform, the easier it will get - the specks of foam on their suits, the more outlandish their claims and the increase in hate crimes.

The ugliest part will begin to resemble the break up of the former Yugoslavia - when people were urged to take part in torture and mass killings to serve the "cause" of ethnic cleansing.

Anti-immigration is White Nationalism

After reading about the John Tanton Network’s relationship to eugenics and possibly sterilization, I finally broke down in tears. As a researcher who studies white nationalism and anti-immigration for a civil rights organization, the majority of what I read is deeply offensive. It usually doesn’t bother me; I see my work as a necessary tool to educate people about white nationalism in a post-civil rights era. But as I re-read how eugenics scholars may have advocated for the forced sterilization of non-Christian people who weren’t white, I turned off my desk lamp and went home for the night.

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Moonies Own Washington Times, Aussie Murdock Wants to Make Internet Pay 4 View

Gee, I thought the First Amendment Free Press guarantees were meant for US press. Silly me - not!

Affidavit From Ex-Editor Miniter Details Inner Workings Of Wash Times

A wide-ranging affidavit by Washington Times editorial page editor Richard Miniter in the lawsuit he is filing against the Times provides a detailed picture of the inner workings of the newspaper that has been rocked in recent weeks by the canning of three executives and the resignation of its top editor.

newspaper relies on a roughly $40 million annual subsidy, delivered weekly, from the Unification Church, he alleges in the affidavit. Church leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon founded the Times and his son Preston controls its parent company.
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Look What We Did for Our Tribes - Can We Finally Rights the Wrongs?

More than two centuries and a quarter of shame, broken promises, and corruption. Is it time to heal our own house before we cure the world?
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Invisible Indians

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Today, I am thankful that Sinead gave me/us this song.

Green Lessons from India - Green Leader Sunita Narain

Lessons on how to build the good life - not based on excess.
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“Build wealth without destroying environment
Green warrior: Sunita Narain, Director, Centre for Science and Environment

CHENNAI: Sunita Narain, Director, Centre for Science and Environment, was awarded the Raja-Lakshmi Award by the Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation here on Thursday.

Dr. Narain said the answers were in our culture and how we had built rich societies with well being, not merely wealth. The day the world understood the one message that India gave — Frugality is not poverty, frugality is wealth — it would be able to cope. Mr. Dalton drew the audience’s attention to the impending meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Obama, in which climate change was expected to play a significant role. Dr. Narain reminded the audience of a way of living, he said, congratulating the Foundation for its choice.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Viva Arepas!

Colombia: The Tradition of Arepas in the Afternoon

by Catalina Restrepo

If one travels to Colombia, it is most likely that between 3 and 6 pm that one will be invited to eat “something.” Being served a combination of coffee or hot chocolate along with a wide variety of baked goods has become a ritual for many Colombian families during the time of the day when the sun sets.

Photo by Juan David Escobar and used with permission.
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Why is Rupert Smiling?

Does Microsoft Really want to support Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Cal Thomas, Oliver North? Guess so - Microsoft always wanted to be right about something.
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Murdoch-Microsoft deal in the works


Microsoft is ready to pay Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. to remove its news content from Google, according to the Financial Times. Microsoft has also approached other "big online publishers" with similar deals.

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Nukes Will Save Us and Are Clean - the Tooth Fairy Is Real!

Who or what would you trust to keep spent nuclear fuel safe from leaking or getting into the hands for more than 50,000 years, 50 years, even 5 years? We have tons and tons of it here in US and still do not have a 50 year, 100 year, 500 year or whatever year solution. Grin - how about your backyard?
Don't nuke the climate
International campaign - Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009

Under the current Kyoto Protocol, nuclear energy is rightly excluded from the possible solutions available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the nuclear industry, in collaboration with certain countries, is pushing for this dangerous and polluting technology to be included in the next climate agreement as a “clean” technology.

Therefore, I ask you to reject nuclear energy as a "clean" technology, and to oppose its inclusion in the mechanisms to regulate greenhouse gas emissions
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An Afghan Female Poet Writes About Another Bloody Afghan Day

Why, why, why. Violence begets violence, begets violence, begets violence. What will we accomplish if we stay, or go, stay or go, stay or go?

What will the coming Friday bring as people go to market?

Friday, a Bloody�Day

Friday morning
People at the market doing their shopping,
Suddenly a loud noise
Made a difference among people
There were many pieces,
A motorcyclist exploded himself
Did not care about humanity
Killed children and injured women.

Again another suicide-attack
Again innocent children died
Mothers deepen in sorrow
Families won’t be celebrating Eid
Children become fatherless
People, fearful, won’t go to bazaar,
And then the bazaar is almost empty

What is our sin?
Why must innocent children be killed?
Always there is a fear
Mothers don’t allow their children to play
And worry about sending them to school

A New Story:

Friday, November 20, 2009 – A suicide bomber rode his motorcycle into a crowded market area Friday and set off his explosives in an attack apparently aimed at Afghans out doing their morning shopping, killing 17 and wounding 35, officials said.

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