Saturday, October 24, 2009

Power Grab by Big Agriculture in Ohio Could Mean Raising Cats inOhio for China Market

What I have to say is in in the petition. If you know folks in Ohio and agree that putting all agriculture regulatory power in the hands of an appointed commission that could by-pass the legislature and people is a bad idea, please pass along.
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Keep Ohio Cats and Dogs Out of People and Animal Food Products

Vote no on Ohio Issue 2
Be Sure No Ohio Cats and Dogs End Up as Food Exports to China.
Be Sure You Do Not End Up (Unintentionally) Feeding Ground Up Cats and Dogs to Your Pets.
Be Sure that Cats and Dogs Do Not End Up in Ground Meat Products Sold to People

Vote no on Ohio Issue 2 which proposes to change the Ohio Constitution and establish an appointed Agricultural Commission that could without going to the legislature or to Ohio voters:

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