Monday, October 05, 2009

Learn with Performance/Social Artist Master

I could go on and on but my friend and colleague Frank Heckman comes about as close as one can to integrating artistry, athletics, flow, organizational development, deep social and planetary ecology, as I know. If you put Buckminster Fuller, Margaret Mead, Nina Simone, Rafael Nadal, and Mikhael Barishnakov all together That's sort of describes Heckman who had a Balinese grandmother, Dutch Admiral father, martial arts training from one of the last samari teachers, mountain climber, adopted by the Ojibwe as their Crowman brother.

If you are a performance artist looking to reach new heights and stay there, you may want to meet and study with Frank.
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‘Am I still on the journey?’

Frank Heckman. Photo Joke Schot.

Coach, traveller, organizational expert and movement specialist Frank Heckman is the Sustainable Performance lector for the coming four years at Codarts, University for the Arts. ‘What I do is actually emotional intelligence for performing artists.’

He lays the stress on the dance academy for a reason. Since Heckman got to know the Laban dance notation system many years ago, he became interested in interpreting movement. He was already curious about this ‘dance’ in the sports world as well. ‘I look at how athletes move. For me, the core of the movement is a dance. I observe how authentic this dance is. When you’re your authentic self, you’re closest to your movement signature. If you treat this signature with care, it’s the best way to guarantee the sustainable development of your talent.’
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