Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I need to recharge my cell phone - everyone into the loo!

How much will you do to make the planet greener? How about installing a biodigester to power your computer - pass the beans please? Grin. It really is tried a true way to produce electricity but not usually one household at a time. In India and China folks bring their waste to a communal digester that gives them all some needed cheap electricity from burning methane or just gas for the stove.
clipped from www.ipsnews.net
ENERGY-BRAZIL: Putting (Human) Waste to Work
PETROPOLIS, Brazil, Oct 6 (IPS) - Biodigester technology, which originated in Asia as a natural process for treating sewage waste, is reemerging in Latin America as an integrated system providing cheap energy, improved sanitation, and even attractive landscaping.

Surrounded by streams and waterfalls, the house uses the biodigester sewage treatment system as part of a more complex, yet simple, process called an integrated biosystem.
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