Friday, October 30, 2009

New Exciting Twist to House Parties - Live Concerts!

Forget MeetUps - have a concert in your home. Wait for export of idea or make it your own - read on!
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Dutch music project turns living rooms into live venues

A Live in Your Living Room concert

Your favorite band might just show up at your door very soon. The Live in Your Living Room project started in the Netherlands and is now out to get top musicians performing in homes all over the world.

Anyone can host a living room concert as long as they live in one of the12 Dutch and Belgian cities currently on the Live in Your Living Room tour schedule. Mainly taking place on Sunday evenings at around 8:00 pm, three diverse bands each play an initial set of 15 minutes to a gathered audience of friends and strangers.

While the Internet can take some credit for making the promotion and organization of the living room concerts much easier, Jonkheer believes that the uniqueness of the live event itself is responsible for the concept's growing popularity.

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