Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Safe City Parking for Commuter Bikes - Covina, Calif.

Neat idea and to be tried out in my hometown where cars had been king in cheap gas eras but now has bike riders and access again to commuter rail. Grin - there was commuter rail in the late 1940s and early 1950s that went bust when freeways and 15 cent a galon gas killed them.
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Hardcore cyclists will ride their bikes no matter what. But for us borderliners--people who have some interest in the green benefits of bicycle travel but are not fully vested--it's tough for us to drop hundreds or thousands on a bike when we know, through countless anecdotes from fellow city-dwellers, that all or part of it will be stolen within months.

Covina, California will be the first U.S. municipality to install the new Secure Bike Modules, starting later this year with a 10 x 25 structure that will offer 36 secure parking spaces for bikes, accessible by electronic key fobs. The modules are, as the name implies, modular, and will presumably be expanded as interest grows.

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