Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pure Joy: Pura Fe, Singing the Blues

About a year ago, I made a really good find of a great blues singer who brings her Native-American soul into the blues. Check her out sometime - if you like the blues, you will have found a new love, as I did.
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Pura Fe

Native American Singer-Songwriter

Pura Fe' is a founding member of the internationally renowned native womans a capella trio, Ulali, and is recognized for creating a new genre, bringing Native contemporary music to the forefront of the mainstream music industry.
Pura Fe has now launched her solo career touring her new album Follow Your Heart's Desire on the Music Maker Relief Foundation blues label. Her soulful voice and acoustic lap steel slide guitar, carries the ancestral message of the Indigenous World and the missing history that unified and separated the blood ties of Black and Indian people of the South. With a fresh new take, Pura Fe resurrects and elegantly states the common bond and the indigenous influence on the birth of the blues!
Rise Up Tuscarora Nation - Pura Fe'
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