Monday, October 19, 2009

Think Youth Apathetic? Look Out of the Box!

The Student Safety Act would require that raw data about disciplinary action in schools be made accessible to the public and lawmakers. The Department of Education would be required to report on its tactics for enforcing discipline in schools, as well as numbers of suspensions, expulsions and arrests.
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NY Students, Organizers Speak Out for Safety Act

New York City students are tired of school feeling like prison -- and many young people are working to change this reality.

The Student Safety Act is a bill that could play a vital role in the effort to end over-policing in schools and the school-to-prison pipeline.


Many of the city's youth organizers hope that the Student Safety Act will prove that harsh disciplinary action and over-policing do not necessarily make schools safer and often disproportionately affect youth of color and youth with special needs.

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