Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yipee! NYC gets new park - nice when things are done right!

Look at Andrea Bakacs photos and narration and put your feet up and enjoy. If there are some nice sunny days left and you re in New York City go visit!
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Governor's Island-- Yay for More Green!

A brand new park was unveiled this summer in NYC, or rather, a whole island.

Governor’s Island, so under the radar that it was only added to Google Maps this summer as well, as the latest and greatest green space added to NYC’s plethora of urban oases. And not only is it an island off of our glorious island, but there's a ferry that takes you there for free! What could be better?! I mean, it's worth it just for the views.

The old time feel of the place is eery but at the same time freeing.

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