Monday, November 30, 2009

Rewriting Freedom of speech, press, association, right to petition government

You have until January 14th, 2010 to express your interests and opinions.
Comments are due on or before January 14, 2010
You may submit comments, identified by GN Docket No. 09-191
and WC Docket No. 07-52, by any of the following methods:
Federal eRulemaking Portal:
Follow the instructions for submitting comments.
Federal Communications Commission's Web site: http://
. Follow the instructions for submitting comments.
E-mail: and include the following words in
the body of the message: ``get form.'' A sample form and directions
will be sent in response. Include the docket number(s) in the subject
line of the message.
Blog Filers: In addition to the usual methods for filing
electronic comments, the Commission is allowing comments, reply
comments, and ex parte comments in this proceeding to be filed by
posting comments on and on http://
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Preserving the Open Internet, Broadband Industry Practices

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