Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Planet Killing Opps? Plastic Bags + Plankton = ?

Talk about a major unintended consequence? Better start demanding quick switch to biodegradable plastic bags or how about carrying things in your own bags! Got to be one of the dumbest and laziest ways to kill our planet and ourselves!
Great Pacific Garbage Patch
within the North Pacific Gyre, is now twice the size of Texas
What exactly is in the patch? Plastic. The answer is always plastic. Plastic is a synthetic material invented by man that never degrades.
Plastic does not biodegrade, it just photo degrades, meaning that it breaks down visually until it becomes so small and invisible while still maintaining its toxic molecular structure that it makes its way into the food source of the smallest of aquatic organisms– plankton. The key to life in the oceans.
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