Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good on you Greenpeace! Go for Globe!

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Climate destroyer shut down by activists in Indonesian rainforest ahead of Copenhagen Climate Summit

Greenpeace activists hang a banner with the message Destruction: You can stop this" from the top of a loading crane in the
port of a major pulp mill facility in Riau Province 900 kilometers
(600 miles) Northwest of Jakarta. The activists are shutting down the
export facilities of the pulp mill, operated by Sinar Mas-owned pulp
and paper company APP in the heart of Indonesia's rainforests." />

Earlier this morning thirteen activists
locked down cranes at the giant paper plant's port calling for strong
leadership from world leaders to avert climate chaos and to provide
funds needed to end tropical deforestation as part of a fair, ambitious
and legally binding climate deal at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in

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