Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Geezer Flu Advantage - Finally an advantage of being a boomer geezer!

Recent studies find that baby boomers over 55 who had earlier flus may/probably have some immunity to current H1N1.

Smile - all they needed ot do was do a survey in the age group and ask who got the big Hong Kong or Asian flu in 1957-58, or 1967-68. Then ask those who said yes, how often they ever got the flu afterward.

When you survive 3-6 weeks of fevers, dry heaves, etc, its seems you get a boat load of anitbodies and antibody memory.

My bet is that those who survived the 1917-1918 flu had the same immunities.

However... I still get the flu shots because when you get millions upon millions of ducks. geese, chickens and pigs together in live markets leading up to Lunar New Year (Jan/Feb) in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Korea - you have a live lab to create an entirely new version of flu.

And now that there is a truly global poultry market, new versions of flu will no longer be limited to Asian starts. That is what was most novel about H1N1, it started in Northern H

Study: Protective Immune Memory In Healthy Adults

One of the ongoing mysteries surrounding the H1N1 pandemic is why some older adults seem to have limited immunity to this virus, while many younger adults and children do not.

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