Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moonies Own Washington Times, Aussie Murdock Wants to Make Internet Pay 4 View

Gee, I thought the First Amendment Free Press guarantees were meant for US press. Silly me - not!

Affidavit From Ex-Editor Miniter Details Inner Workings Of Wash Times

A wide-ranging affidavit by Washington Times editorial page editor Richard Miniter in the lawsuit he is filing against the Times provides a detailed picture of the inner workings of the newspaper that has been rocked in recent weeks by the canning of three executives and the resignation of its top editor.

newspaper relies on a roughly $40 million annual subsidy, delivered weekly, from the Unification Church, he alleges in the affidavit. Church leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon founded the Times and his son Preston controls its parent company.
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