Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Racism + White Nationalism = What % of Anti-Immigration Reform?

It is going to be hard to figure this one, since John Tauton and his ilk have been practicing for more than ten years how to hide within and behind causes and organizations that seem to not be racist or white nationalists. The closer we get to real reform, the easier it will get - the specks of foam on their suits, the more outlandish their claims and the increase in hate crimes.

The ugliest part will begin to resemble the break up of the former Yugoslavia - when people were urged to take part in torture and mass killings to serve the "cause" of ethnic cleansing.

Anti-immigration is White Nationalism

After reading about the John Tanton Network’s relationship to eugenics and possibly sterilization, I finally broke down in tears. As a researcher who studies white nationalism and anti-immigration for a civil rights organization, the majority of what I read is deeply offensive. It usually doesn’t bother me; I see my work as a necessary tool to educate people about white nationalism in a post-civil rights era. But as I re-read how eugenics scholars may have advocated for the forced sterilization of non-Christian people who weren’t white, I turned off my desk lamp and went home for the night.

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