Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Green Lessons from India - Green Leader Sunita Narain

Lessons on how to build the good life - not based on excess.
clipped from www.hindu.com
“Build wealth without destroying environment
Green warrior: Sunita Narain, Director, Centre for Science and Environment

CHENNAI: Sunita Narain, Director, Centre for Science and Environment, was awarded the Raja-Lakshmi Award by the Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation here on Thursday.

Dr. Narain said the answers were in our culture and how we had built rich societies with well being, not merely wealth. The day the world understood the one message that India gave — Frugality is not poverty, frugality is wealth — it would be able to cope. Mr. Dalton drew the audience’s attention to the impending meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Obama, in which climate change was expected to play a significant role. Dr. Narain reminded the audience of a way of living, he said, congratulating the Foundation for its choice.

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