Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yin-Yang: Chinese eat cats and rescue cats

From outside the culture, it is difficult to understand those who eat cats and dogs. If you are traditional Hindu, you wonder how anyone could eat any animal.

I still can't understand eating cats - I don't believe the people eating them to be evil - I just can't understand it.
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Caged Cats To Be Slaughtered For Meat Found In Tianjin

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Concerned netizens take action, eight hundred kitties rescued

As a result of unsuccessful negotiations with the cat traffickers, the compound’s gates were locked. 40 “cat friends” disregarded the cold and remained outside the compound overnight. The next day, another 70 plus Beijing cat friends rushed to and arrived at Tianjin. After the cat friends anxiously waited a day, the cat traffickers still had not reappeared.  After coordinating, yesterday night, finally with the help of police, the caged kitties were transported by specially arranged vehicles to temporary accommodations in an unused school classroom, with 30 volunteers responsible for taking care of them. Tianjin City’s Animal Health Supervision Authority also sent relevant personnel, to conduct disinfect/sterilize the classroom serving as temporary accomodations for the kitties and the transport vehicles.

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