Sunday, September 27, 2009

With So Much Hate/Fear Spewing, Obama Must Be Doing the Right Things

When the fear mongers start frothing and spittle collects on the chin, those they fear and hate the most must be doing something right - grin.

I have more faith in Americans than those who make a living trying to scare us. I believe in standing up for what you believe, what you are for but try not to get too excited by the Dobbs and Becks of the world.

Sometimes though, you just gotta let loose and say: "What are these people thinking in making such wild and untruthful claims!"
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Immigrants Out to Destroy U.S., Washington Times Columnist Warns

Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino by Heidi Beirich on September 24, 2009

This past weekend, The Washington Times featured a column filled with apocalyptic visions of a white America overrun by a “massive invasion” of immigrants. This is certainly not the first racially insensitive column printed by The Times, but it is the first since the organization went through a thorough housecleaning in 2008 that involved the removal of high-level staffers who published white nationalists.

Kuhner also slurs Obama, calling him an “international socialist” intent on “sounding the death knell of traditional America.” Perhaps in the future, Kuhner could set aside his tirades in favor of the facts.

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