Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hopi Moved to Side with Coal Power Over Its Culture

Sad. When marginalized indigenous peoples are forced to extend their marginalization out of need for money to survive in a world not of their making. There are Hopi who warned of this when Hopi and other indigenous peoples were forced by the US to adopt US self-government forms and discard their traditional ways of governing themselves. In the end culture is all a people have to support their sanity and survival - that applies to us as well. Money does not equal culture!

Hopi Tribal Council Bans Environmental Groups

The council wants the Sierra Club and other environmental groups and on-reservation organizations affiliated with these groups to know they are not welcome on the Hopi Reservation, declaring them persona non grata - no longer favored or welcome.

By a resolution approved 12-0, the council said environmentalists have deprived the tribe "of markets for its coal resources" and coal revenues needed to sustain governmental services, provide jobs for tribal members and safeguard Hopi culture and tradition.

The council feels that the economic viability of the Navajo Generating Station - the tribe's only remaining coal customer - is also being threatened, and that environmentalists' actions could lead to "total economic collapse of the tribe."
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