Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey Buddy! Got Some Spare Change? A Billion?

OK, so it's a dream that I see the head of DOD standing at Pennsylvania Avenue - Gates - asking people walking by for spare change to fund the wars, buying and building weapons, feathering his nest for retirement. And I say: "Sorry, I only have fare for a bus ride to Kabul and back - maybe later. Say, didn't you used to be famous? Why don't you get a job? I say.

He get angry and starts yelling, "I only asked ya for a billion! Everyone has a billion!" It was embarrassing - there was some white spit on his chin.
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Ask Congress to Stop Spending $2.7 Billion Per Day on War

Sponsored by:
American Friends Service Committee

Every day the United States spends $2.7 billion on war. That's $2.7 billion tax dollars that we can't spend on health care, education, economic development, energy independence, or caring for our seniors.

Today you can tell your our leaders in Washington that you think the time has come to reduce our spending on war and instead fund the things we really need - like functioning schools, healthy communities, good jobs, and an end to the recession. All it would take is a slight shift in our priorities, and a slight change in our spending, to have a big impact.

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