Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Rest of the Hopi Story - Hope

Earlier, I referred to other Hopi who respected their culture still. This is one of those people and antoher side of the stroy of how we have helped to turn people on each other and their culture.

Secakuku: Hopi are stewards of the land, despite the coup

Sipaulovi Council Representative, Village of Sipaulovi, Second Mesa, AZ, Hopiland
The Hopi/Tewa people have always considered themselves to be the best environmentalists in the world.
We made a sacred covenant with Maasaw, our Supreme Being, to be good stewards of the Fourth World we live in today.
We, as people, all have the responsibility of being Caretakers of Mother Earth. You care for it and take from it only what you need, and it will provide for you.
I never thought I would see the day when being “Hopi” meant being anti-environment, pro-big corporate energy, and actually promoting pollution and global warming in favor of dollars/money.
This is the new world image of Hopi, thanks to Scott Canty, Nada Talayumptewa, Phillip Quotshytewa, Mary Felter, Ivan Sidney, Sr., and the rest of the illegally constituted Hopi Tribal Council…in essence, a coup.
It is a sad day for Hopi/Tewa people, and I am disappointed.
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