Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Human trafficking in Lebanon for home workers

No, not human trafficking of Lebanese but of women from the Philippines, Madagascar, and other countries. To be nannies, housekeepers, and not what they were promised. Where are the police in Lebanon, the Philippines, Madagascar - counting their bribes it seems.
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LEBANON: Plight of the trafficked domestic worker

Photo: Hugh Macleod/IRIN
Philippine women make up a large number of the estimated 200,000 domestic workers in Lebanon
BEIRUT, 30 September 2009 (IRIN) - Abbey was a nurse at a French hospital in Madagascar when a recruitment agency suggested to her boss that she travel to Lebanon for three years to work and learn Arabic so she could better care for the Arab sailors whose ships docked at the Indian Ocean island.

On arrival there, however, she was put in a house with another Madagascan domestic worker where she was forced to cook, clean and care for three children and a newborn.

''Politicians are also involved in this issue and it goes underground, which is why it’s difficult to get laws to protect these women''
In June, Lebanon was added to the US State Department’s human trafficking tier 2 watch list for its failure to protect victims of trafficking or to prosecute those responsible.
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