Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Whoa! Wait a Minute; People are Mammals Too!

If a fifth to a third of "wild" mammals are threatened, then what does that say for the future of we "tame" mammals?
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Biggest review of the decade finds substantial portion of mammal species under threat

BIG ANIMAL, SMALL ENCOURAGMENTA speck of encouraging news: African elephants have moved from the vulnerable category to the less worrisome nearly threatened category in the latest IUCN review of mammals.A. Wirz

Between a fifth and a generous third of the world’s mammal
species now face the threat of extinction, according to the first comprehensive
review since 1996.

Now 1,139 species rank in the most imperiled categories, the
conservation monitoring organization IUCN reported October 6 at its World
Conservation Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

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