Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Confusing - This Economic Crises - Isn't It?

I f documented and undocumented migrant workers in US send less money back to their families and relatives at home, then their relatives can't buy exported US goods and the American economic crisis gets worse.

So, we need a bailout plan or economic stimulus plan to get more money into migrant workers' hands so they can send more money home, so they can buy US exports?

And all this time, fright mongers were telling us that migrant workers were costing us?

See it's confusing and not as simple as the simple minded have been telling us - eh?

Sharp drop in migrants’ money transfers from the US

by Martijn van Tol*


The US credit crisis is also claiming victims far away from home. Latin American migrants in the US are sending far less money home than expected. The migrants and their families in their countries of origin are the victims of a faltering US economy. The double threat of job insecurity and inflation means that poverty is now a serious risk. 

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