Monday, September 15, 2008

Texas Judge Sexually Involved with Prosecutor During Death Penalty Trial

Normally, you would say unbelievable but in Texas you might say - "So what's so unusual about laughable and inhumane justice in Texas!"

Makes you wonder what they were doing over lunch breaks when a man was being tried for murder with a death penalty specification.

Lawyers are demanding a new trial for Charles Hood, a convicted double
murderer and death row inmate whose execution has been scheduled and
postponed six times, most recently last Tuesday.

US legal scholars have been appalled by reports that Verla Sue Holland, the
judge who presided over Hood’s 1990 trial, was at the time conducting a
clandestine affair with Thomas O’Connell, the state attorney who was
prosecuting the case. Several law professors agreed that however compelling
the evidence in the case, it was unthinkable for a murder trial to proceed
if the judge and prosecutor were romantically involved.

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