Friday, September 26, 2008

Chicago-area protest of raid on immigrant community

It's sad that in Chicago area that they have seemingly gotten over past fears of Irish, Italian, Polish, Chinese, etc. legal and illegal immigrants - that our fears of immigrants from Spanish speaking countries still causes so much fear. What happened to Chicago with the "Big Shoulders?"
Jose Herrera said he came to the United States when he was 7. Arrested at an Immigration raid recently and detained for three months in Cook County Jail, he has a court case pending in which he's trying to gain permanent residency.

"I have a 7-year-old child to support," said Herrera, 25. "These raids don't do any good. They just separate families."

He joined more than 100 people Wednesday night who marched and held a candlelight vigil in the western suburbs in an effort to halt raids, address inhuman conditions at Immigration detention centers and urge enactment of a state law that would give clergy access to detainees in county jails.
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