Friday, September 26, 2008

India has had bird flu but is banning poultry related products from nations that have had it too - I

India has meat eaters but is predominately a vegan nation - but they raise poultry to export and have had outbreaks of avian flu in their flocks. Now they are banning importation of poultry products from other nations that have similarly afflicted.

It all sounds a bit ironic, oxymoronic, and strange. Will they complain when and if other nations ban the import of birds from India?

There are smart ways to break the pandemic threat but India and others are not looking beyond the easy and political.
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NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India has imposed restrictions on meat imports, particularly from countries which have seen cases of bird flu, the commerce and industry ministry said on Wednesday.

For countries where bird flu cases have been reported, India has banned imports of live birds, including poultry; bird meat and eggs or their products; pigs and unprocessed pig products; and products intended for use in animal feeding, agriculture or industrial use.

The ministry said the restrictions would apply both to cases of "highly pathogenic" and "low pathogenic notifiable avian influenza".

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