Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Jersey school registration violates civil rights law

Federal laws and regulations govern immigration rules. When city's, county's, and other local governments pass laws or regulations about immigrants they are governing, or rather reinforcing fear.
The ACLU-NJ sent a letter to the commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) after finding that at least 20 percent of New Jersey school districts ask for immigration status for incoming pupils, which is banned under state enrollment regulations. The ACLU-NJ surveyed 635 districts statewide and acquired information from 516 in which 139 were found to have requested either social security numbers of pupils or information directly correlated to their immigration status. Another 48 districts, according to the survey, suggested immigration information would help in the registration process. According to state law, both acts are prohibited, yet many of the schools warned not to do it in the ACLU’s last survey in 2006 were found once again practicing the illegal enrollment process again this year. Carlstadt was not named as an offender of the law in the 2006 survey.
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