Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Secret Agreement Between US and Iranian Presidents Revealed!

There must be a secret agreement beween President's Bush and Ahmadinejad to help each other out.

Otherwise it makes little sense that President Bush would try to rerun his "We-gotta-be-scared-of-Saddam-and-get-rid-of-him" as "We-gotta-be-scared-of-Iran-and-get-rid-of-that-Ahmadinejad" and think we'd believe him. And at the same time President Ahmadinejad is rerunning "The US is the great satan that threatens to kill Iran daily!" rant used to consolidate support for the Mullahs running Iran into the ground.

OK. I'll make it simpler. George says: "I'll say things that will scare the !#%@*!! out your people so they will support you, if you will do the same for me - OK?"

If there is another rational explanation for us to believe this "new" axis of evil spin other than to get us to ignore Iraq Falling Apart, I'd like ot hear it.

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