Tuesday, March 21, 2006

President Bush Pushes Pre-emptive War Again!

President Bush the First fought in the Second World War - in the Pacific Theater. He must be wondering why his son George - now President himself - seems to be saying that General Tojo and Admiral Yamamoto were early adopters of the pre-emptive war strategy that our current President and Vice President seem to think is the proper stance for America to save itself from the commies - opps, sorry - the terrorists.

Remember Pearl Harbor! and Remember the Arizona! used to mean, remember how the Japanese were so sneaky and low down that they attacked us without warning!

So how far does this "Let's use the tactics of those who hate, fear, and attack us to attack and defeat them!" go?

We have let our standards of humanity slip in the "war prisons" we support, and waved good bye to standards of justice and law when we began assassinating opponents instead of capturing them.

Maybe our President is thinking about that old party standby "how low can you go?" from the Limbo. I bet he could get lower than any of his old drinking buddies. End of rant - sorry.

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