Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Corporate and City Summer Reruns

Re: Cincinnati Teen Homicide, GM, Delta, and Cincinnati Reds Crises

Summer Reruns - Again!
"Press, Leaders and People React"

Have you noticed how hard it seems for people to get a new idea or face the fact that they need to do something really different?

Look at Tuesday's headlines and you begin to get the idea that react means just that re-act, or play the same role or scene again and even though we know the movie will likely have the same ending, we can pretend that this time there will be a different ending.

Teen Turf War Turns Deadly
Press, Leaders, People React
Community meetings, crisis experts walk and talk,
Get Tough, Care More, Why Can't Things Be Like They Used to Be?

GM Loses One Billion, Market Share Still Sliding, 25,000 to Lose Jobs
Press, Leaders, Shareholders React
GM CEO: 'We Have a Plan: Downsize, Control Costs, Get Concessions from Employees and Retirees.'

Delta Chiefs Cite Cost Crisis; May Go Chapter 11 in Fall
Press, Leaders, People React
"We will wrestle with the problem, We Have a Plan: Control Costs, Get Concessions from Employees and Retirees.'

Reds Run Pitiful:
Press, Leaders and Fans React --
Fire Manager, Trade Loyal Team Star, Get Tough, Try Harder, Why Can't Things Be Like They Used to Be?

Cincinnati Ride By Homicide: React. Rerun the crisis movie, quick!
When local homicides shot up to more than 50 a year in 2001 and stayed there, we as a community "decided" to get used to it as if the deaths were like weekly variations in the price of regular gas. Getting a new idea was too hard and facing the fact that something was terribly wrong and needed the whole community's effort was too much for a city used to letting the"experts, the professionals, the business and community leaders" take care of things.

Corporate CEOs in Crisis React Too, or should we say: "Corporate CEOs React II."

Hey folks, you media, government, civic leaders -- the answer is the same to all four problems: Face Facts, You Need a New Way to Get Butts into Seats

Kids, parents, relatives, government and school leaders all need to figure out how to get their respective butts into seats talking and working together until they re-write the script for being a successful young man in Cincinnati today.

GM and Delta may need to control some costs and share the pain but what they really need to do is figure out how to get new and old customers into their "vehicles."

The answer to getting a new idea and approach to winning for the Reds may also be an answer to the Cincinnati homicide crisis, as well as Delta's and GM's profit crisis:

Take advantage of the University of Cincinnati's Re-Action to not being a "classy" campus (they want Basketball Coach Bob Huggins to leave... because he and "his" players, although winners, are not "classy"): Hire Coach Huggins to work with you on how to create a competitive winning strategy based on teamwork, working on achieving your personal best, and recruiting people who want to win.

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